How to do Shrink Art – step by step

Shrink Art is an easy and safe craft activity.  We often get asked “How do you do shrink art” or “What is shrink art?”.  Here’s everything explained.

Shrink Art is a polystyrene plastic sheet that is designed to shrink to less than half its original size whilst still retaining the same shape and colour.

It is sometimes called shrink film, shrinkies, polyshrink, or shrinky dinks.  Our finished shrink art product provides a shiny, durable finish that will last for years.  With adult supervision, shrink art is suitable for kids 5 – 85 years old!

Step One:

Place with rough side up.  Either trace or draw freehand your favourite pictures or images on to the plastic using good quality pencils or permanent markers.  Do not use crayons, they may be flammable during the heating process!  Draw the outline in black, before colouring the rest of the artwork in.  Use of shading and patterns will add dimension and class to your art.   For an easier and professional looking result, use Kidsplay Crafts pre-printed shrink art designs and simply colour on the design!

Step 1: Colour in with pencils or permannet markers

Step 1: Colour in with Pencils or permanent markers


Step Two:

Cut the artwork out using craft scissors.  It is usually easier to cut roughly first before cutting more accurately around your artwork.  The shrink art is quite strong and firm, and being patient will produce the best results.

Step 2: Cut out the shrink art with craft scissors

Step 2: Cut out teh shrink art with craft scissors.

Step 3:

If turning into a key-ring, jewellery or a Christmas decoration,  punch a hole for the key-ring or hook.  The hole will also shrink to a perfect size. Remember – you can’t add a hole after you’ve shrunk it!

Step 3: Put a hole in your shrinky

Step 3: Put a hole in your shrink art!


Step 4:

FOR ADULTS ONLY (Kids will love to watch):  Place shrink art on a piece of baking paper on a metal tray.  Bake at 160 degrees for 30-60 seconds.  The shrink art will curl and then will then go flat when ready.

Step 4: Bake it for 30-60 seconds.

Step 4: Bake it for 30 to 60 seconds.


Step 5: Attach your key ring or string to complete your shrink art masterpiece!  Great for key-rings, bag tags, necklaces, bracelets and ear-rings!

Step 5 - Put a keyring on your finished shrinky

Step 5 – Put a keyring on your finished shrinky

So there are our 5 easy steps to creating Shrink Art.  Why not give it a go? You can check out our Shrink Art range here.