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Coloured Whiteboard Markers

Coloured Whiteboard Markers in the Kidsplay Craft’s range will be sure to spark creativity in learning while also having loads of fun! Our large range of markers come in thin whiteboard markers and fine whiteboard markers. There is an array of eye-catching colours, perfect for creating art and learning activities on whiteboards!

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Best Whiteboard Markers

Our Best Whiteboard Markers provide a bright, vibrant writing experience that ensures your message gets noticed. Perfect for meetings, presentations or school rooms, these whiteboard markers come in an array of vibrant colours, ensuring any dry erase board is brought to life. They are non toxic and have water based ink that quickly dries and removable caps with a safety pocket clip.

Thin Whiteboard Markers and Fine Whiteboard Markers

Make the most of any dry erase board with our Thin Whiteboard Markers and Fine Whiteboard Markers. These markers are designed with a  2.9mm tip which allows for precise, detailed writing. The odourless, non toxic ink dries quickly, minimizing ghosting and virtually eliminating smearing.  With brilliant colours and a comfortable design they are a perfect addition to smaller or mobile whiteboards or flipchart.

Buy Coloured Whiteboard Markers

Add a splash of colour to your dry erase boards with our selection of Coloured Whiteboard Markers. Available in a variety of vibrant hues, these markers can be used to highlight key points or create diagrams and pictures on any whiteboard. Their ink is formulated to be non toxic and water based while also long lasting, and a marker-shaped barrel will ensure a comfortable grip.

Best Quality Whiteboard Markers

If you’re looking for a foolproof, high-quality whiteboard marking experience, then our Best Quality Whiteboard Markers are just what you need. These markers are designed with a long-lasting, low-odour ink that flows freely and dries quickly, meaning no smearing or smudging. Boasting a robust nib that won’t flop, you can be sure that your writing will be perfectly legible every time.

Other kid friendly markers include the superior Giotto Thick Markers and for something a little special our Crayola Metallic Markers are brilliant. In our full range of Markers you will find a rub of Black Markers too !