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Chenille Stems

Introducing Kidsplay Crafts Gold Coast’s fun and creative Chenille Stems for children! Whether your child is a seasoned crafter or a beginner, these super fun and versatile stems are the perfect craft supply for your kids. With these fun bendable craft items it’s easy to create fun projects. These projects include woven friendship bracelets, twisted hair scrunchies, animals, flowers, shapes, and more. These colourful stems come in bulk packs and colours, to fit your child’s creative needs. Plus, each stem is soft and bendable, perfect for young children’s hands. So let your children’s imaginations run wild and get creative with Kidsplay Crafts Gold Coast’s Chenille Stems!

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What is Chenille Stems?

Chenille Stems are soft, pliable, and colourful pieces of craft material that come in an array of colours. They are often referred to as ‘pipe cleaners’ due to their flexible shape. Kids of all ages have been using them for art projects, decorative items, and imaginative play for years. Similar to other craft materials, the stems can be cut in different lengths and sizes. On the whole, they are a great item for teaching children how to be creative and have fun with craft materials in a safe and affordable way.

Chenille Stem Art

Chenille stems can be used in an infinite number of projects and crafts for kids. From creating jewellery, to making animals, and from designing geometric shapes to weaving shapes into intricate designs. These stem pieces are a great resource for developing and honing fine motor skills. Children love to twist, turn, and brighten up their projects using them.

Use with Pom Pom’s, Magiclay Paper Clay, and Air Dry Clay. With such versatile craft items at hand, their imaginations can be taken on all sorts of crafty adventures.

Bulk Chenille Stems

Chenille Stems can be bought in bulk and stored away to be used multiple times. This allows parents to keep the cost down but still give their children the opportunity to make exciting projects while being creative. Air Dry clay is fun to use with these. Kidsplay Crafts offer bulk lots as well to suit a variety of needs. One can even add to the basic package by buying Chenille Stems in a larger size or new colours. This is great for groups of kids crafting at once or for projects that require a more specific colour palette.