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Wikki Stix

Wikki Stix supplied by Kidsplay Crafts are a versatile and effective tool used in Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy settings. These colourful and pliable sticks provide a hands-on approach to learning and development.

The Wikki Stix Alphabet is an essential resource for teaching letter recognition, phonics, and spelling. The set includes all 26 letters of the alphabet, allowing therapists to create engaging activities that promote language and literacy skills. Children can manipulate the sticks to form letters, words, and even sentences, enhancing their fine motor skills and cognitive abilities.

For occupational therapists seeking to enhance shape recognition and spatial awareness, the Wikki Stix Shapes set is an excellent choice. This set offers various geometric shapes, enabling children to explore and create using their imagination. Therapists can guide children in forming patterns, building structures, and enhancing visual perception skills.

The Wikki Big Count Box is perfect for therapists who require a variety of shapes and colours to facilitate open-ended activities. This set includes an assortment of Wikki Stix in different lengths and colours. With this versatility, therapists can cater to the specific needs of each child, promoting creativity, problem-solving, and fine motor skills all at once.

Wikki Stix Bulk Packs allow therapists to purchase a sufficient supply of sticks to support their therapy sessions. These bulk packs are economical and ensure that therapists never run out of this valuable therapy tool.

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What are Wikki Stix ?

Crafted from a delicate blend of fine yarn entwined with food-grade wax that doesn’t pose any harm, Wikki Stix have proudly been produced within the borders of the United States for more than two decades. Exuding a gentle adhesive quality, they effortlessly grasp onto nearly all sleek surfaces with ease, enabling their versatile nature to be composed into captivating three-dimensional structures. As they captivate the mind, these wondrous sticks unravel the boundless boundaries of imagination, providing an open-ended playing experience devoid of any definitive right or wrong path. Moreover, they possess a remarkable attribute of being devoid of latex, gluten, and any traces of nut, making them suitable for individuals with various sensitivities.

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Buy Wikki Stix Australia

When it comes to purchasing Wikki Stix in Australia, Kidsplay Crafts should be your go-to supplier. Not only do they offer a wide selection of Wikki Stix products, including the popular Wikki Stix Bulk pack, but they also prioritize fast shipping to ensure you receive your order promptly. With the ability to browse and buy Wikki Stix from the comfort of your own home, Kidsplay Crafts makes the process easy and convenient.

One of the standout products from Kidsplay Crafts is the Wikki Stix Alphabet, Shapes, and Counting and Numbers set. These educational packs are perfect for kids who are learning to read and write, as well as recognize shapes and numbers. The Wikki Stix in this set can be bent and twisted to form letters, numbers, and various shapes, making learning interactive and engaging. This versatile product is not only a hit among parents and teachers but is also widely used by Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, and Kindergartens to aid in skill development.

Another fun option from Kidsplay Crafts is the “Do Wikki Game.” Designed for children aged 3 and above, this game is both educational and entertaining. With themed cards featuring different activities and challenges, kids can use the Wikki Stix to create shapes, letters, and numbers based on the instructions provided. This game promotes fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creativity while keeping children engaged and entertained for hours.

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