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Play Dough & Play Doh Cutters

Play Dough & Play Doh Cutters proudly offered by Kidsplay Crafts – you have found us ! Welcome ! Here, you will find everything your little artist needs to shape, mould, and create to their heart’s content.

Play dough is a timeless and versatile medium that allows children to explore their creativity and imagination. Our wide range of Play Dough Cutters is designed to help facilitate this process, making it even more enjoyable and exciting. From basic shapes to intricate designs, our selection offers a variety of options for little ones to experiment with.

Play dough itself is a colourful and pliable substance that can be easily shaped into virtually any form. It’s perfect for children to develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and sensory exploration. The unique texture of play dough provides a sensory experience that engages multiple senses, stimulating creativity and cognitive development.

At Kidsplay Crafts, we understand the importance of safe and child-friendly products. Therefore, all our play dough, cutters, putty, and tools are made from non-toxic materials, ensuring worry-free play for both children and parents alike.

So, whether your child wants to build a colourful castle, mould their favourite animals, or explore their own unique creations, our Play Dough & Play Doh Cutters collection has everything they need.

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Best Play Dough and Putty

In addition to play dough and cutters, we also stock a range of putty options. Putty is similar to play dough but provides a different tactile experience. It’s stretchy, moldable, and can be shaped into various forms, offering a unique playtime option for children. Our putty option is Paper Magiclay and it extremely popular Australia Wide. It will Air dry though, so the lid must be replaced and only use what you need.

Buy Play Dough Tools Australia

To enhance the playtime experience, we offer a large range of Play Dough Tools. These tools are specially designed to complement the use of play dough, allowing children to create more detailed and intricate designs. Whether it’s rolling pins, sculpting tools, or stampers, our play dough tools are made with safe and durable materials to ensure hours of fun and creativity.

Buy Bulk Cream of Tartar for Kids Crafts

Cream of Tartar is a key ingredient when it comes to making homemade play dough for kids.

Cream of Tartar is a powdery, acidic substance that is derived from grapes during the wine-making process. It acts as a stabilizer and helps to give the play dough its smooth and elastic texture. Without Cream of Tartar, the play dough may become too crumbly and dry, making it harder for kids to shape and mould.

When mixed with other ingredients such as flour, salt, water, and oil, Cream of Tartar helps to create a pliable and squishy play dough that keeps its shape well. It also enhances the play dough’s ability to hold colourful dyes, allowing kids to create vibrant and engaging creations. We suggest our Tintex Craft Colour as a safe dye.

Furthermore, Cream of Tartar is a natural ingredient and safe for children to handle. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their kids are not playing with any harmful chemicals or additives.

Here is a super great Playdough Recipe.