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Pipe Cleaners

Pipe Cleaners Kidsplay Crafts Chenille Stems are the perfect accessory for any creative craft project. Our pipe cleaners are soft, durable, and easy to manipulate, making them ideal for a variety of crafty projects. With our bright, vibrant colours, your kids can let their imaginations run wild!

Packs stocked include Basics, Christmas Candy Sticks, Fluro, Pastel and Tinsel Stems. Our Organiser Caddys are ideal for storing the Pipe Cleaners in while the children are using them.

Easy craft projects you can make with our pipe cleaners are making flower bouquets by twisting several pipe cleaners together and adding a few wooden beads to the centre and using them to thread wooden beads onto. Have a quick look through all of our Art and Craft Supplies and you will find loads of craft to use with these.

At Christmas time it is lovely experience to thread a Jingle Bell onto a Tinsel Pipe Cleaner and tie this onto a child’s wrist and it will make a beautiful noise while singing and dancing.

Our Kidsplay Crafts Pipe Cleaners Chenille Stems are perfect for pipe cleaner art project, so give them a try and let your kids explore their creative side!

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Kidsplay Craft’s Top 10 Pipe Cleaner Crafts

1. Pipe cleaner animals – make a variety of different animals out of pipe cleaners

2. Pipe cleaner flowers – twist multiple pipe cleaners together to make a flower

3. Pipe cleaner jewellery – make a necklace or a bracelet out of colourful pipe cleaners

4. Pipe cleaner heads – make a head out of pipe cleaners and add eyes, mouth and other decorations

5. Pipe cleaner figures – make a person or other small figures out of pipe cleaners – fun for Naidoc celebrations.

Ideas for Pipe Cleaner Christmas Crafts

Some popular pipe cleaner crafts include: –

Snowman ornaments: Make a snowman out of white pipe cleaners and add decorations like buttons, ribbon, or a scarf.

Wreath: Create a beautiful wreath by wrapping red, green, and white pipe cleaners around a foam circle.

Candy canes: Make a classic candy cane by twisting two red and white pipe cleaners together.

Garland: String together several pipe cleaners of different colours to make a festive garland.

Trees: Bend and twist several green pipe cleaners together to make a 3D pipe cleaner art tree. –

Reindeer: Create a reindeer by twisting two brown craft pipe cleaners together and adding a red pipe cleaner as the nose.

Star: Make a 3D star by bending and twisting several silver pipe cleaners together.

Angels: Make a sweet little angel with a white pipe cleaner and decorations like ribbon or buttons.

Buy Pipe Cleaners Australia

Kidsplay Crafts pride ourselves in our quality art and crafts and our Pipe Cleaners products are available in a wide range at affordable priced.

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