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Fabric Markers

Introducing Kidsplay Crafts vibrant and high-quality Coloured Fabric Markers, the perfect tool for all your creative fabric projects!

Our fabric markers are designed with precision and versatility in mind.  Whether you are designing clothing, accessories, or home decor items, our fabric markers offer the perfect medium to let your imagination run wild.

Kidsplay Crafts stock the trusted brand of Crayola.

If you love experimenting with colour why not try some Tie Dye ?

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Do Fabric Markers Wash Off ?

The simple explanation is that permanent fabric markers cannot be washed out due to the ink’s non-water soluble nature. Unlike washable markers, the ink in permanent markers consists of a resin, colorant, and solvent. The colourant is finely ground pigment that gives the ink its vibrant hue, while the solvent acts as a carrier for the pigment, often being some form of alcohol. The resin, a polymer, binds the colour pigment to the material when writing or drawing.

The key distinction between washable and non-washable markers lies in the type of resin used in the ink. Permanent markers contain a resin that is resistant to water, making it difficult for the ink to dissolve.

However, there is a secret ingredient for cleaning off permanent ink – rubbing alcohol. Should you ever need to remove permanent ink from yourself, your artwork, or your child, rubbing alcohol can dissolve the ink effectively.

Are Fabric Markers Toxic?

The Crayola Fabric Markers have absolute safety in mind with their markers. They are nontoxic and manufactured for children aged 3 and older. Whether accidentally consumed or unintentionally inhaled, Crayola coloured Fabric Markers are certified as non-hazardous, guaranteeing an untroubled and secure experience for the little ones.