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Craft Glue

Craft Glue for kids is the perfect solution for any crafting project! Our range of craft glue products includes Glitter Glue Pens, Supertac, White Craft Glue, Bulk Craft Glue PVA, and more. Our acrylic craft glue is ideal for crafts requiring a strong and lasting bond, while our bulk craft glue is perfect for larger projects. With our selection of glue products, children can let their creative juices flow and create amazing projects!

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Best Craft Glue for larger projects

Bulk craft glue is the perfect adhesive for larger projects that require a strong hold, available in 5 litres. It is ideal for crafting, creating decorations, and assembling models. Whether you are making a giant papier-mâché sculpture or a large wooden model, bulk craft glue can get the job done. It is also perfect for sticking together fabrics, such as leather and canvas, as well as wood and plastics. Bulk craft glue is a great choice for any project that requires a strong bond, as it dries quickly and creates a long-lasting seal.

Clear Craft Glue and Liquid Glue Crafts Glue – what are the choices?

The choices of craft glues are plentiful and varied. Clear Craft Glue is a popular choice for many projects as it is non-toxic, non-staining, and dries clear. Our White Craft Glue for Kids is ideal as it is also easy to clean and suitable for many materials, including fabric, wood, metal and glass. For kids projects, White Craft Glue is an excellent choice as it is also non-toxic, non-staining, washable and acid free.

For more challenging projects, Supertac Glue is also an excellent option as it is made especially for gluing odd surfaces and is versatile and strong. Both these glues are safe to use and easy to clean off of clothes and hand