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Perler Bead Designs & Pegboards

Perler Bead Designs & Pegboards by the Perler Brand are favourites due to their impressive quality! Get creative and make seriously cute Perler Bead designs with ease – whether you’re a creative novice or an inventive genius, our pegboards are sure to make your dreams come to life. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to crafting your own crafty designs. With a simple base such as a Pegboards, you can use your imagination to start creating easy designs that truly stand out – there are so many shapes and colours to choose from. We have Super Sized Pegboards, Square Pegboards, Small Basic Shapes, Tray and Cards that come with fun patterns as well as Pegboard Value Packs.

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Cute Perler Bead designs are a great way to spend time with the kids and make something unique and fun. With Perler Beads you can create a variety of shapes and figures, from animals, cartoon characters, food, people, flowers, and all sorts of interesting designs. All you need is some Perler beads, some pegboards to place your beads on, ironing paper, and an iron. It’s a great activity for kids to try out and will encourage even the most reluctant crafter to try their hand at a fun and creative project. All your designs can be displayed or used as personalised gifts or as decorations for special occasions.

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Easy Perler Bead designs are possible with one of these colourful and fun Perler pegboards. Made from a durable plastic, these pegboards come in a range of sizes from small to large, imagination is encouraged, however we have Pattern Pads to help placing Perler Beads onto the board a breeze. With a bit of imagination, you can create all sorts of colourful patterns and figures to craft. Once you’ve finished your Perler design, place an ironing paper over the top of it, then use a hot iron to fuse the beads together. Once cooled you can hang your design as a piece of artwork or use it as decorations around the home. Many people also make earrings and bag tags with smaller artwork.

For Larger projects as well as smaller projects if you are keen you can use the Tape Method.