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Fun, educational and supporting cognitive development!

Unique Learning Opportunities at an affordable price

  • Your one-stop-shop for all the materials you need
  • Help children in your care to express themselves through creativity
  • Activities for all ages and skill sets
  • Make learning fun
  • Each child gains a sense of pride at what they’ve created

When parents choose a facility to care for their children, their number one priority is that their child is happy and fulfilled at the end of the day. 

With the group craft-based activity supplies available from Kidsplay Crafts, this is no exception and we can guarantee that parents will have satisfied children by the time pick up comes around.

Providing all the equipment and materials that you need to organise group art and craft based activities; we specialise in plaster mega packs, shrink art and general art and craft supplies such as brushes and pencils. Our craft supplies for schools, kindys and childcare centres are high quality at affordable prices.

Along with the fun they will have, children in your care will also be taking part in activities which actively promote their cognitive development giving them vital skills for their future.

While it can be difficult to choose general activities to match a variety of ages and skill levels, with our art and craft packages we have you covered with tasks suited to children of all abilities.

All you need to do is observe as the children pick up their tools and create their own masterpieces using nothing but their imagination.

When parents collect their children from you, they will no longer be eager to get home; they’ll be exhausted, happy, and have a sense of accomplishment with the work of art that they’ve created while in your care.

Here’s some products we’ve picked especially for you: