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Perler Bead Kits

Create unforgettable works of art with Perler Bead Kits! Our kits come in a range of theme designs including Harry Potter, Star Wars and Super Mario, allowing children and adults alike to create their favourite characters. With the Perler bead art kits, you get everything you need to start creating straight away. Also included are all the beads, ironing paper, pegboards, pattern sheet and an instruction sheet. Simple to use, fun to make and a great way to express your creativity – Perler bead kits are perfect for both adults and kids. Get your creative juices flowing today and get creative with Perler bead art kits!

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Harry Potter Perler Beads Kit

Bring the world of Harry, Ron, and Hermione to life by creating your own Harry Potter-inspired Perler bead designs. Kidsplay Crafts Perler Beads kits contains enough Perler Beads to craft your favourite magicians. You can create your own unique designs, or use one of the detailed designs on pegboards included in the kit to craft iconic Harry Potter characters such as the Golden Trio, Hedwig, and Fawkes the Phoenix. With beads in brilliant colours, you can make design after design. Unleash your creativity, get crafty and create some magical Harry Potter designs.

Star Wars Perler Bead Kit

Young rebel, unleash the power of the dark side with Kidsplay Crafts Star Wars inspired Perler Beads Kits. Are you ready to follow in my footsteps and create some amazing galactic designs? Kits contains everything you need to have a sinister craft experience, including more than enough Perler beads and detailed patterns and pegboards. Whether you follow the included designs or create your own, I am sure you’ll be able to create something worthy of the Empire. The power of the dark side is within reach! – from Darth Vadar

Perler Bead Starter Kit

Are you ready to craft your own unique Perler bead designs? If you are looking at a great Perler Bead Starter Kit, everything you need to get creating is at your fingertips. To get started, we suggest you begin with a 22000 Perler Bead Jar, a Pack of Large and Small Pegboards, and your choice of our variety of Perler Bead Ideas and Patterns including Harry Potter, Super Mario and Start Wars. No matter your age or skill level, you are sure to find a project that is perfect for you. Unleash your creativity and take your projects to the next level with a Perler Bead Starter Kit!

Grab some Split Rings or Strings to turn your characters into bag tags or necklaces !