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Split Rings 25mm Pack of 100


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100 Split Rings are silver and 25mm in Diametre. Ideal to make your own keyrings for special days of the year such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Unlock endless creative possibilities with our Split Rings 25mm Pack of 100. Each measuring 25mm in diametre. Perfect for childcare centres and schools, these rings are not only ideal for crafting personalised key ring gifts, but they also offer a multitude of crafting opportunities for children.

Encourage kids to thread on wooden beads, buttons, or Paper Magiclay formed beads onto the rings. This allows them to express their creativity and personalise their designs. Additionally, these split rings pair perfectly with Perler Bead fuze bead designs, making it easy for children to create unique keychains to showcase their artistic flair.

Made of sturdy metal, these Split Rings 25mm Pack of 100 are built to last, ensuring durability for all crafting projects. Whether it’s incorporating Spaghetti String or Paper Form It, or experimenting with Shrink Art like Shrinkies or Shrinky Dinks, these versatile split rings are the perfect addition to any crafting arsenal.