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Paint Sticks

Paint Sticks are here ! Looking for a fun and mess-free way to let your kids unleash their creativity? Look no further than our collection for kids from Kidsplay Crafts! These super smooth lipstick-like paints come in an assorted pack of vivid colours, allowing your little ones to create vibrant masterpieces.

Our paint sticks, also known as slicks, are designed to glide easily on a variety of surfaces, providing intense and vibrant results. The fast-drying and washable formula makes these ideal for artists of all ages, ensuring a mess-free painting experience. Plus, they are lightweight and portable, making them a perfect solution for on-the-go creativity.

One of the best features of our paint sticks is the easy-to-use twistable mechanism. No need for sharpening or messy brushes, simply twist and start creating! This makes them perfect for little hands and ensures that children can independently use them without any hassle.

Our paint sticks are available in a variety of colour options, including Cool, Warm, Metallic, and Assorted. Whether your child wants to create a winter wonderland scene, a sunny beachscape, or add some shimmer to their artwork, we have the perfect colours for their imagination. Team up with Canvas Boards, A4 Cardboard or Water Colour Paper.

So let your child’s artistic side shine and get ready for your kids to express themselves through vibrant colours, while enjoying a mess-free and portable painting experience.

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Best Craft Paint Sticks

Discover the best paint sticks on the market supplied by Kidsplay Crafts! These incredible paint sticks are like no other – with a super smooth, lipstick-like texture, they are bound to ignite your creativity. Imagine gliding effortlessly on a variety of surfaces, from paper to canvas, and watching as the vivid colours come to life before your eyes. These Slicks produce intense results that will leave you amazed.

Not only do these paint sticks provide a fantastic artistic experience, but they are also incredibly practical. Fast drying and washable, they are perfect for artists of all ages. No need to worry about messy clean ups or waiting for your masterpiece to dry. These Slicks are an excellent clean and portable painting solution, allowing you to create anywhere, anytime.

The convenience of these paint sticks is unparalleled. With an easy-to-use twistable mechanism, there is no need for sharpening. Simply twist the stick up and start painting! Each pack includes 12 vibrant colours, giving you endless possibilities for your craft projects. The Slicks measure 88mm long and have a diameter of 15mm, providing the perfect size for optimal control and precision. With 10g of paint per stick, you can create artwork to your heart’s content without running out too quickly.

The versatility of these paint sticks makes them the perfect tool for exploring various art techniques. From delicate watercolors to bold canvas paintings, these Slicks will exceed your expectations.

Three Fun Ways to Use a Craft Kid Paint Stick

Introducing the incredible Paint Sticks – the perfect tool for unleashing your child’s creativity! These ingenious sticks are not only water soluble, but they are also completely child-friendly. Similar to a glue-stick, all you need to do is simply twist them up and down.

But here’s where it gets exciting – these versatile Paint Sticks can be used on a wide range of materials! From paper and card to canvas, wood, and even glass, there are no limits to what your little artist can create. And the best part? The artwork dries in less than 60 seconds, so there’s absolutely no smudging!

Now, let’s dive into the three thrilling ways you can use these magical sticks. First off, imagine painting vibrant rainbows and twinkling stars on your windows. Yes, you might feel a tiny bit nervous, but guess what? These Paint Sticks easily wipe clean, so you can let your imagination run wild without worrying about any mess!

Next up, how about giving your dolls a dazzling makeover? Your child will be thrilled to dye their Barbie’s hair with these incredible Paint Sticks. And the best part? The colours wash out effortlessly, leaving your doll looking fantastic and your child entertained for hours on end.

Lastly, indulge in the simplicity of drawing and painting with these amazing sticks. You can either bring to life the images in your colouring books or unleash your artistic abilities and create masterpieces free-hand. Why not surprise your loved ones with personalised cards, like unforgettable Mother’s Day or Father’s Day creations?

Grab a set of these mesmerizing Paint Sticks and watch your child’s imagination soar! With their easy-to-use twist mechanism, water solubility, and quick-drying wonders, there’s no doubt that these sticks will bring endless joy, creativity, and fun into your home. Get ready for a world of artistic possibilities!