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Introducing Kidsplay Crafts Shrinkies, just like the Original Shrinky Dinks! Shrinkies are a creative, fun way to make art for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day crafts. With Shrinky Dinks, you can make jewellery such as earrings and necklaces, 3D sculptures, magnets, and more! All you need to get started is Shrinkie Shrinky Dink Plastic. Simply cut out your desired shapes from the plastic, colour them in, and then place them in the oven. Watch as your designs shrink and harden into colourful, permanent pieces of art! When looking to buy Shrinky Dinks Australia Wide we are your go to shop. Remember, with Shrinkie Shrinky Dinks, the possibilities are endless!

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What is a different craft can you make with Shrinkies?

Shrinkies are just like Plastic Shrinky Dinks and can be made into fun bookmarks. Simply cut the plastic long ways, hole punch three holes in one end, decorate with coloured pencils  or markers.

What is another different craft you can make with Shrinkies?

OOSH and Childcare Centres love Kidsplay Crafts Shrinkies. It is a hit for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. For younger children the carer can trace the child’s hand with a black marker and have the child colour in with pencils. Once the plastic is shrunk the colour is more condensed and bright. Place on a String with Wooden Beads and you have a unique gift.

Why is Kidsplay Crafts Shrinkies so popular?

We pride ourselves on having the best quality and best priced Shrinky Dinks Australia Wide (no joke !) . Our sheets are A5 and come in handy 20 or 100 packs in plain sheets. We have a local graphic artist and we have designed our very own Australia Themed Printed designs which appeal to a large range of children in OOSH settings. These packs are mixed and come in either packs of 12, 30 or 60.