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Perler Bead Tools & Accessories

Perler Bead Tools & Accessories are right here ! So look no further ! At Kidsplay Crafts, we are the exclusive Australian Perler Bead Supplier and offer an array of Perler Bead Accessories for every experienced and novice beader. Stock up on Perler Bead Bead Sweeper, Mini Perler Bead Tweezers, Perler Tweezers, Bead Pens and Ironing Paper so you have the ideal items for crafting beaded designs! Found out why Perler Beading is taking the crafting world by storm – Shop with us now!

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Kidsplay Crafts offer the perfect combination for your Fuse Bead craft projects needs and include the Perler Bead Bead Sweeper and Perler Bead Pen. The Bead Sweeper provides an effortless way to quickly move beads from place to place from your working space to your storage tubs. Just roll over the loose beads to collect them into the sweeper’s clear compartment.  The Perler Bead Pen is ideal for creating intricate and detailed designs. It also has an easy grip design which makes laying down the beads easier and faster especially advantageous for outlines. Feedback that is it not everyone’s cup of tea, however, those that perceiver love them and have multiple pens in use at once.

Perler Bead Accessories like the Mini Perler Bead Tweezers and Perler Tweezers give you the extra control you need for those delicate craft projects, enabling you to place your beads accurately and maintain symmetry. Ironing Paper Rolls are ideal for achieving ironing board format and for forcing beads tightly together before ironing, especially on larger projects.  The combined heat of the household iron and the embedded sheet of special paper using the beads create a fusing effect so that your project stays in place! At  a whopping 6.2 metres long this roll will last you a fair amount of designs. These accessories will make all the difference to your next craft project, adding a professional touch and ensuring your design maintains its vibrancy.

If you are needing some tips on ironing check out the Standard Fuse Bead Method from Perler.