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Patterned & Wooden Rolling Pins

Introducing our great range of Patterned & Wooden Rolling Pins perfect for children’s creative activities! Whether it’s for making homemade air dry clay sculptures, Magiclay Paper Clay creations or rolling out dough, our cute rolling pin range will give your kids plenty of imaginative play. They come in toddler-sized sizes and measure different sizes.

Our Patterned Rolling Pins sport brightly-coloured designs kids love as well as natural wooden ones as well! Perfect for creating patterns, textures and more in all your dough and clay creations. Kids will love the easy-to-grasp handles for a comfortable, controlled rolling motion. And you can easily store these small rolling pins away when playtime is over.

Meanwhile, the Wooden Rolling Pins offer endless possibilities for bring art to life with their natural wood finish. Kids can tap into their own creativity to make designs, shapes and figures from some of their favourite materials. Plus, the natural shape and texture of the wooden rolling pins is sure to be a hit with your little ones.

Whether you’re searching for patterned or wooden rolling pins, you’ve come to the right place! Everything you need for kids crafts we have at Kidsplay Crafts – from small pencils to wooden rolling pins for making sculpting clay and dough – we have it all! Shop our range now and get creative with your kids.

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Craft Rolling Pins Australia

Kidsplay Crafts is the premier destination for all your kids crafts wooden rolling pins needs, with a range of different patterned rolling pins and wooden rolling pins for kids crafts. Ideal for adding an extra element of fun and personalisation to craft and baking, our rolling pins come with everything you need for a variety of crafts and baking projects. With a variety of different sizes and shapes, our pins are tailored for precision and accuracy, making them perfect for getting the result you’re after.

Buy Mini Rolling Pins for Crafts

Get a unique finishing touch to all your pies, pastries and crafts with a range of playful, patterned mini rolling pins. With their small size, they are ideal for crafting a range of decorations such as small pies, cookies, and Air Dry Clay creations. Decorate finished clay products with Paint. Whether you’re looking to add a fun template or pattern to your baking, our mini rolling pins are perfect for delivering the perfect results.

Small Rolling Pins for Crafts

Kidsplay Crafts has you covered for small Craft Rolling Pins, they are perfect for creating handmade decorations and kid’s crafts. With a range of different designs and sizes, our small rolling pins can help you to craft precise designs and templates in your baking, with each pin providing you with an accurate and detailed result. Bring some fun and structure to your baking with our selection of small rolling pins. Why not make an Air Dry Clay Christmas Tree !