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Parents and Carers

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Let your kids use up their energy; while you recharge yours!

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Craft kits to keep your kids entertained

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  • All materials required are included in the cost – no hidden extras
  • Time for yourself to relax and unwind as your kids focus their attention on their art activity
  • Take the stress out of birthday parties and events – for a one-off price, we supply everything!
  • Packages suitable for children of any age
  • Helps your child to tap into their creativity and feel a sense of pride at what they achieve


If you’re a parent or carer looking for a weekend, after-school or school holiday activity with a difference, you’ve come to the right place!

At Kidsplay Crafts, we know how important it is that children get an opportunity to tap into their creative side and have fun in the process, so we have designed activities and activity packs which combine the two.

While the kids are occupied with plaster moulds, sand art, or general art packs and activities, you can take advantage of their focus and concentration and clock off for some much-needed ‘you-time’!

With activity packs available to suit boys and girls of all ages, Kidsplay Crafts also provides packages to suit a big group of children. Give them a memory to treasure with this unique and original way to celebrate themed birthday parties or larger events.

All of our materials come with a safety guarantee and with age guidelines to make sure you’re choosing the most suitable pack for your child.

Designed to stimulate and promote their creativity and expressionism, Kidsplay Crafts art packs and events are suitable for all ages and with no level of skill required; there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

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Here’s some products we’ve picked especially for you:


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Craft Birthday Parties

It can be tough choosing what kind of party to have for your child. But we have the perfect solution for kids from primary school age – up. A craft party!

  • The birthday girl or boy can create some spectacular pieces of art
  • You can cater to a range of ages
  • Each guest gets to take home their precious artwork

Why not extend the fun and give each child a plaster or sand art activity kit instead of a lolly bag?

Do you have a party theme?

Whatever your kids party theme, we’ll have plaster moulds or sand art to suit.

  • Trains, trucks and fire engines
  • Dinosaurs
  • Fairies, princesses and butterflies
  • Lego
  • Under the sea
  • And much, much more!

We would love to help you create a fun crafty party for your little lad or lady.
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Check out our fun range of party packs: