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Wooden Beads

Wooden beads are a versatile craft item used for many different projects and can be used for decorative purposes in childcare settings or as a practical item.

Kids can use wooden beads to make keychains for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts. Natural Wooden beads are also great for colour and size sorting activities in childcare. Colours can be sorted, for example, by size, shape, or colour. Wooden beads can also be used to make other items, such as decorating picture frames, napkin holders, and even wind chimes.

Wooden beading is ideal for kids and adults to make a natural wooden bead bracelet, a wooden bead necklace, and earrings. They can also be used to make larger items, such a mobile for a babies room, wind chimes, and decorating picture frames.

For those looking for wooden beads in Australia, Kidsplay Crafts offer a variety of wooden beads in different colours, shapes and sizes.

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Every year, Kidsplay Crafts provides a large range of Wooden Beads for all your Kids craft making projects. There are always trends but we find that our beads are always a popular addition to natural craft collections.  Curious what our most popular beads are this year? Read our information below to find out more.

DIY Wooden Craft Beads

Kidsplay Crafts Basics Wooden Beads come in a tub of 575 grams in assorted shapes and sizes and are idea to make a wooden bead necklace or wooden bead bracelet and are great for DIY. These beads are suitable for for threading for young children and come in a bright mix of colours and shapes to create unique designs.

Natural Wooden Beads

The second beads we recommend are our Wooden Beads Natural Assorted pack as they are large wooden beads that are a fantastic addition to your bundle of natural crafts. Wooden beading has never been so much fun with these assorted geometrical designs and the variation in sizes have a smooth natural finish.

Large Wooden Beads

The third wooden beads you should purchase are Pink and White beads. coloured wooden beads. We always think of our Mum’s when we see these as they make beautiful wooden bead bracelets using these chunky wooden beads.


As mentioned Kidsplay Crafts offers a great variety of Wooden Beading supplies. Our beads are obtained from a variety of brands, and come in numerous colours and sizes. To ensure our customers only get the best beads to match their needs, we ensure that we offer the best range on the Australian market – this includes natural wooden beads, coloured wooden beads as well as bulk wooden beads in various shapes.

DIY Wooden Beading Crafts can be used with Shrink Art, Spaghetti String and Split Rings to make a beautiful keyring present for Mother’s Day crafts.

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