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Shrinkies – Shrink art with pre-printed art


Pre printed Shrinkies. 12 Pack, 30 Pack or 60 Pack. Sheets shrink in size to create a unique and compact piece of art. Simply colour, cut and bake!


These new pre-printed shrinkies have been designed by our own artist and printed for Kidsplay Crafts only – you won’t find these anywhere else in Australia!  These pre-printed packs are the easiest way to get great results using shrink art.  These printed ‘shrink art’ plastic sheets come is 3 different size packs:

  • 12 Pack – 6 designs x 2 sheets, A5 in size.
  • 30 Pack – 6 designs x 5 sheets, A5 in size.
  • 60 Pack – 6 designs x 10 sheets, A5 in size.

What is Shrink Art?

Shrink Art or ‘shrinkies’ as they are also known, is a fantastic arty activity for kids.  They get to draw their own unique picture or colour in a pre-printed design on a special shrink art plastic sheet and watch it magically shrink in size in the oven!  The finished product is a compact piece of art. How cool is that!  Our shrink art sheets are A5 size 21cm x 15cm.

Our pre printed Shrinkies include 6 designs :

  • Ice Creams , pianos and more
  • Footys, soccer balls and sport
  • Thongs, flowers and bag tags
  • Pixelated pirates with swords and skulls!!
  • Whales, dolphins and sea themed shrink art
  • Butterflies, love and peace

How to make a Shrinky Dink

1. Colour in the pre-printed picture with pencils, permanent markers or metallic markers

2. Cut out the shape with scissors, keeping edges rounded – no sharp pokey bits. Remember to punch a hole if you plan to make a keyring or want to tie the shrinkie to something.

3. Mum or Dad place the shrinkie in the oven for 30 – 40 seconds.

4. Watch it shrink! IT IS AMAZING 🙂

The finished shrinkie will be 40% of the original size and 9 times the thickness.

SHRINK ART Shrinkies are here at Kidsplay Crafts and available right now! A low-cost and easy – yet very fun activity for all ages suitable for Kindys, after school care, Day care centres, fetes and kids clubs.