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Canvas Boards

Canvas Boards from Kidsplay Crafts are perfect for your kids’ creative projects! These multi-purpose boards are made of light and durable materials. This makes them an ideal choice for a variety of crafts. Paint with acrylic paints or attached Perler Bead Artwork, these can help your kids make masterpieces that will last a lifetime. With the ease and convenience of these canvas boards, your kids will be able to express their creativity without any worry. Whether you are a novice in the art field or a seasoned artist, our canvas board will help make your child’s creative visions come to life. Give your kids the perfect platform for unleashing their infinite imagination. Kidsplay Crafts canvas boards – the perfect tool for any project!

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Best Canvas Boards

Our Canvas Boards are the perfect choice for your child’s creative projects! This durable, canvas-covered board won’t warp. They are perfect for acrylic paints, dot markers, glue pom poms  . Feathers, Chenille Stems and other collage materials are also great fun. Our Canvas Boards allows your child to perfect their craftsmanship for a longer lasting finished product.

Bulk Canvas Boards

Bulk Canvas Boards from our shop provide stocking up on creative supplies a breeze! Whether using acrylic paints, dot markers, or pom poms your artwork will look great! Why not try feathers, Chenille Stems and other collage materials, these boards won’t warp after being exposed to moisture, making them the perfect investment for your child’s arts and crafts projects. This economical option is perfect for stocking up or donating to a school, Kindy, or after-school program. The perfect choice for bulk creativity!

Buy Art Canvas Board

Kidsplay Crafts Canvas Boards are designed for maximum craftsmanship quality that can’t be beat! This thick, durable board is perfect for creating beautiful artwork and also ideal for attaching Perler Bead Designs to. It maintains its shape over time, and resisting distortion. Art Canvas Boards allow your child to express their creativity without worry of their art becoming distorted. This will ensure you will enjoy a longer lasting finished product! The ideal choice for your crafty kid!

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