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Magiclay & Paper Clay

Magiclay & Paper Clay is an incredibly versatile air drying modelling clay that offers the benefits of both Magiclay and Paper Clay. It’s lightweight, soft, and has an elastic texture. This allows it to be pulled, stretched, rolled, and embossed with ease. As well as being simple and fun to use, Paper Magiclay air dries in hours. It will bond wet to dry without the need for adhesives or Tools. It’s suitable for all age levels. This makes it a great choice for introducing children to the joys of crafting. It also has great malleability that allows it to be incorporated into almost any artwork. Can be applied thin to Wooden Craft Shapes as well as rolled into balls and threaded onto Strings with a Split ring. In short, Paper Magiclay is an ideal all-in-one clay for all your modelling and crafting needs.

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Can you Paint Magiclay & Paper Clay?

Magiclay & Paper Clay is  a unique, non-drying modelling material. Magiclay is an easy-to-use modelling material that allows you to create durable, colourful models with ease. Easily colour White Magiclay with paint, dye, and markers. Just add a small amount of pigment and mix through prior to modelling. Once Magiclay is dry, its surface can be painted or printed on. Blending and marbling with Magiclay can be fun by mixing colours together to expand your colour palette. Add white to lighten and brighten the colours. For marbled effects, lightly mix colours for surprising, bright creations.

Buy Magiclay Paper Clay Australia

Paper Magiclay is a unique paper version of Magiclay material. This product is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic modelling materials. It can be used to make jewellery, sculptures, mosaics and much more. Each 200g packet of Paper Magiclay can make approximately 20 golf balls. This will cover 10-15 100mm poly balls if you apply a thin layer. You can purchase Paper Magiclay online or instore from Kidsplay Crafts. So whether you want to make custom jewellery or a vibrant marbled sculpture, Paper Magiclay is a great eco-friendly choice. Extend your craft experience by Exploring Magiclay techniques and make a fun Dragon Eye.