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Craft & Textile Dyes

Introducing Craft & Textile Dyes by Tintex – the perfect creative companion for kids’ craft projects! With our premium quality craft and textile dyes, your little artist can let their imagination run wild and explore a vibrant world of colour.
Craft & Textile Dyes by Tintex are specifically designed to enhance both craft and textile projects. This makes them versatile and easy to use. Whether your kids want to add a pop of colour to their artwork these are great. Or you might want to leave a lasting impression on fabrics, our dye collection is the ideal solution.

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Australia’s Best Textile Dye Mix

Our textile dye mix by Tintex is specially formulated to penetrate fabric fibres deeply, providing long-lasting and professional-looking results. From fabrics used in costumes, home decor, or clothing, our textile dye will bring new life to any fabric. Let your child design their own unique pillowcases, T-shirts or canvas shoes. Another ideas is to create stunning art pieces with fabric as their canvas by Tie Dyeing.
The longevity and wash-resistance of our dyes ensure that the vibrant colours will remain intact.  This is true even after repeated washing or wear. Our dyes are also fade-resistant, ensuring that your little one’s creations stand the test of time.

What do you use Craft Colour for ?

For craft projects for kids, our craft dye provides a fantastic alternative. It enables kids to add vivid hues to various materials such as paper, wooden craft, cardboard and more. Create beautiful handmade cards, personalised decorations, playdough and watercolours. You can even unleash their inner scientist with vibrant experiments using our safe and non-toxic craft dyes. Finger Paint and Paint Mixing instructions are only a click away !