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In the midst of these challenging times, finding ways to keep kids entertained and engaged at home has become more important than ever. Australia’s most popular crafts: 14 Crafts in 14 Days initiative aims to provide a creative outlet for families looking to make the most of their time together. It’s all about focusing on the positives and exploring ways to spend quality time with our kids through fun and exciting crafting activities.

We’ve curated a diverse selection of 14 craft ideas to enjoy over the course of 14 days, offering a mix of boredom-busting projects that break up screen time and inspire creative expression.

From the classic appeal of Perler Beads and the enchanting world of Harry Potter Perler Beads to the whimsical magic of Shrinky Dinks and the vibrant artistry of Sand Art, Scratch Art, and Driveway Chalk Fun, there’s something for every young artist to explore and enjoy.

Join us on this crafting journey as we spark imagination, foster creativity, and make lasting memories with our kids through the power of hands-on creativity.

Perler Beads

There are loads of free Patterns and inspiration online. Search your favourite characters or download free templates.

Plaster Painting

kids craft party
Sand Art and Plaster Party for 15 children

Sand Art

Sand Art for Kids
Sand Art is an easy craft activity for kids

Create your favourite Harry Potter characters for role play

Tie Dye

Flower Press Birthday Cards

Make your own Hand People

Scratch Art

Bracelet Making

Driveway Chalk Fun

Paddle Pop Building

Wikki Stick 3D building

Additional resources needed to complete above crafts
Your own White Clothing for Tie Dye
Key Rings
Cord / String