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Traveling with kids on lengthy car rides or flights can be challenging. Their abundant energy needs an outlet, and hours of confinement can lead to frustration and meltdowns. Ensuring they stay entertained is key to a peaceful trip with these Travel Boredom Busters.

It can be challenging traveling with children. Entertaining a toddler during takeoff requires creative activities that capture their attention. Light packing is essential; bulky items aren’t practical for travel. Choose compact, engaging options that fit easily into your luggage.

Limit screen time will actually be your saviour. While tablets seem like a convenient fix, relying on them can cause issues. Endless screen time is unhealthy for everyone, especially young children. Excessive screen time can impede development, social skills, and concentration. Let your child have screen time but simply limit it.

Engaging Screen Free Activities

Screen free activities provide excellent entertainment and developmental benefits. Consider these Travel Boredom Busters options:


Improve concentration, spatial awareness, shape recognition, and memory

  • Suitable for all ages, with varying difficulty levels.
  • Enhance fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Boost self-esteem through a sense of accomplishment
  • Encourage positive interactions and strengthen bonds through shared tasks

Colouring Books

  • Spark creativity with unique designs
  • Reduce anxiety and offer a calming effect
  • Require minimal preparation and cleanup, making them convenient anywhere

Card Games

  • Ideal for any age and easy to organise. Eg UNO, deck of Playing Cards
  • Develop memorisation, matching, number recognition, and math skills
  • Foster strategic thinking and improve concentration
  • Enhance emotional intelligence through social interaction and friendly competition

Puppet Shows

  • Easy to organise anywhere, from home to the car
  • Stimulate imagination through personalised play
  • Help shy children express their feelings
  • Improve motor skills and teach good manners in a fun way

Kidsplay Crafts Activity Packs

Kidsplay Crafts Activity Packs are a fantastic solution to travel boredom. These packs keep children entertained and support their development, making road trips and flights stress-free. They are perfect for holiday downtime at hotels or restaurants. The packs are also provided at many Holiday Parks to children staying there. Our Wholesale Kids Packs are very popular. Ensure each child has their own pack for maximum enjoyment.

Best Tips for a Smooth Trip with Kids

In addition to Colouring Book activity packs, consider these tips for a smoother journey:

  • Avoid Overpacking: Most necessities are available at your destination.
  • Plan Around Naptime: Traveling during naps can make the journey easier.
  • Prepare for the Worst: Anticipate potential issues and plan responses to meltdowns or delays.

Prepare for your next family holiday with fun, screen-free activities that keep kids entertained. Kidsplay Crafts supply thousands of clients Australia Wide, offering a wide range of kids’ activity packs. Designed, printed, and packed in Australia, these packs ensure no child gets bored or frustrated during trips, providing parents with much needed respite. Perfect for parents and businesses alike, Kidsplay Crafts packs are a must-have for any journey.

Surf & Sand Actvity Book for clubs cafes and restaurants
Plenty of stuff for kids to do in our Surf & Sand Actvity Book for clubs, cafes and restaurants