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Shrinkies | Shrink Art


20 or 100 sheets of ‘shrink art’ plastic sheets.  A5 in size.

Sheets shrink in size to create a unique and compact piece of art

Simply draw, colour, cut and bake!


We have entertained HUNDREDS of children with our Shrink Art, ‘shrinkies’  or Shrinky Dinks as they are also known. It is a fantastic arty activity for kids.  Kids simply love it! (It’s like the 70’s are back – and we are excited!!)

What is Shrink Art?

Shrink Art, ‘shrinkies’  or Shrinky Dinks are  FUN arty activity for kids.  They get to draw their own unique picture on a special shrink art plastic sheet and watch it magically shrink in size in the oven!  The finished product is a compact piece of art. How cool is that!  Our shrink art sheets are A5 size 21cm x 15cm.  These plain (no pre printed art) shrinkies come in packs of 20 or save with a pack of 100 sheets.

Shrinkies Shrinky Dinks can be used to make a variety of fun shapes and drawings including:

  • Patterns, animals, faces
  • Kids names, letters, numbers
  • Favourite characters and symbols
  • Anything you can draw, trace or copy!

How to make a Shrinky Dink

1. Draw an awesome picture with pencils, permanent markers or metallic markers

2. Cut out the shape with scissors, keeping edges rounded – no sharp pokey bits. Remember to punch a hole if you plan to make a keyring or want to tie the shrinkie to something

3. Mum or Dad place the shrinkie in the oven/toaster oven for 30 – 40 seconds

4. Watch it shrink! IT IS AMAZING 🙂

The finished shrinkie will be 40% of the original size and 9 times the thickness.

SHRINKIES is here at Kidsplay Crafts and available right now! A low-cost and easy – yet very fun activity for all ages.

For businesses such as resorts, holiday parks and fetes – how about creating a traceable image of your mascot?  Children attending kids club or activities could draw the mascot and turn it into a bag tag to keep.