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Keyrings with Chain


Keyring with chain, Pack of 10, 2 cm split ring and 4 link chains and loose jump ring. Ideal to use with Perler Beads and Shrinky Dinks

Introducing our versatile Keyrings with chain, designed to elevate your key rings or fobs to the next level. Each key ring is equipped with a durable 2 cm split ring and 4 link chains for added functionality.

To ensure a secure attachment to your key fob, simply utilize pliers to help attach your artwork to to the chain.  The jump ring is supplied separate and you will need to attach the jump ring when you have assembled your keyring design.

With a total length of approximately 5.5 cm and a keyring diameter of approximately 2 cm, these key rings are the perfect finishing touch for your Shrinky Dink Shrink Art or Perler Bead projects.

If you need help in making Perler Bead keychains, click here.