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Kids Craft Party (Sand Art + Plaster) – For 15 children


Plaster: 15 Large and 30 Small plaster pieces, 60 mls red, blue, yellow, purple, pink, black and white paint, 15 paint brushes, FREE glitter Sand Art: 15 Sandart cards, 8 x 100 grams coloured sand, Spoons, sticks and instructions, sleeves. All Sand Art Cards measure 16 cm x 24.5 cm.


Kids Craft Party – Sand Art + Plaster Painting!

For a memorable kids craft party, why not combine our very popular children’s craft activities together – plaster and sand art!  A marvellous addition to your child’s next celebration or birthday.

This pack includes all you need for an exciting, creative art and crafts session AND the kids get to take home a number of masterpieces to keep!

How do you create sand art?

Sand Art

  • First off you start with the specially designed laser-cut cards and the mini-tubs of coloured sand
  • Remove the cover paper on the laser-cut card to expose the sticky section
  • Cover the sticky bits with coloured sand using the spoons and sticks provided (sliding off excess sand as they go)
  • Our pack even includes protective sleeves for kids to safely transport their sand art home

Hey presto, it’s an amazing sand art creation!

Plaster Painting Activity

  • There’s enough plaster in the pack for each child to paint 1 large and 2 small plaster pieces
  • Divide out the pieces (tell us if we can customise the plaster range to suit your party theme)
  • Set each child up with some paint and a brush (and the free glitter – if you dare!)

Children of all ages love these crafty activities. There is enough included in the pack to keep the children entertained for at least an hour, but probably much longer!

You’ll love our value packs which offer our customers the very best prices for our high quality, Australian made products.