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Sand Art and Plaster Party for 10 Children


Add Ons

Plaster Inclusions: 10 Large plaster pieces, 20 Small plaster pieces,  60 mls of red, blue yellow, black and white paint
10 paint brushes **BONUS FREE  glitter included **

Sand Art Inclusions:
10 Sandart cards of your choice, 6 x 100 grams of coloured sand,  Spoons, picks and instructions.  Protective sleeves to display the finished sandart work. **BONUS FREE 100 grams of rainbow sand **


Sand Art for Kids Parties – With Plaster for 10 children

Sand art for kids parties is all the rage – and this unique party pack combines sand art with plaster painting. Not only are these fun activities to do at kids parties, they’re also able to keep the kids occupied. Our customers tell us for at least an hour – possibly an hour an a half!

These top birthday craft ideas are guaranteed to make your child’s party one to remember.

Sand Art Kids Party:

Kids can enjoy decorating one sand art card each – and you are welcome to choose the cards you like to best suit your birthday theme.

The included protective sleeves means freshly created sand art can safely travel home when the party is done, and bits of sand do not fall off the card.

With sand art there are no mistakes, each artwork can be as bold and colourful as your child’s imagination.

Plaster Painting Kids Party:

With enough plaster for each child to paint and glitter 3 plasters including 1 large and 2 small pieces, the plaster painting session of your party will be a hit with all ages! While they will surely be impressed with our range of large and small pieces on offer, we can also tailor plaster pieces to suit your party theme.

Children love plaster and sand art parties. There are enough craft products included in this pack to keep the children entertained for some time.

Free glitter and free brushes and rainbow sand adds some extra sparkle to your order.