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A completed plaster art owl

Plaster Fun for All Ages – A Recipe

Here’s a recipe for plaster fun for a range of ages My 4 year old had been begging me to do some plaster painting. I’d promised we would do it one afternoon when his little brother was asleep. But it didn’t work out, chores and visits to nana’s prevailed and the opportunity didn’t come up during the week. So I thought ok,  let’s brave it. We’ll involve the little (crazy) guy too, invite the cousins over and have a morning of Read More...
Kids LOVE our sand art stall.

Top 5 tips on running your own school fete

School fetes these days can be major events!  What was once just a few trash and treasure stalls is now a huge commitment by P & C volunteers, students and teachers.  Fetes can also be your schools biggest fundraising project for the year though so it’s important they are planned well.  Here’s our top 5 hints on running a school fete : 1. Plan early and avoid wet the months!  On the Gold Coast and Northern NSW, February and March are generally our wettest Read More...