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Our friend Donna from Global Performance Therapy in Kingscliff chose our fun Tie Dye Kits as an activity for her Tie Dye Party baby shower. It was a hit !!

As Donna explained, the tie dye activity was a hit. “Everyone at the Tie Dye Party who wanted to partake dyed either a ‘onesie’, a bib or a singlet. I took a photo of each item after rinsing to keep track of who did what. After the event will send a photo to that “Aunty” with the baby item in it, so glad we did it. It was the best fun and everyone loved it.

Tie Dye party dying bucket

Donna set up 2 buckets, one with cold water and soda to soak the items. The other with a wire rack for putting the dye on.

Ziplock plastic bags were handy and a pen to write names on. This will prevent the items from bleeding dye and also to keep track of who’s creation was who’s! The items were stored on a dish rack for the duration of the party.

Tie Dye party baby singlet
Baby bib using Tie Dye

Tie Dye using rubber bands and zip lock bags

Donna started rinsing a few of the things after about 9 hours. It’s generally best to leave the bands on and do an extra setting step. This is with vinegar and cold water ensuring to keep the bands still on. This step of soaking the garment for an extra 20-30mins in vinegar and then re-rinsed under cold water will help obtain best long lasting dyes.

To finish process the process Donna hung the garments in the sun before washing with hot water and powder (again, separately)

Tie Dye party drying rack

Donna found the ones that look the best were left for 10 hrs or more. The bands were kept on and were set with vinegar.

The other interesting discovery and helpful tip is organic cotton is hard to dye! It didn’t hold anything except blue and even then it turned a light colour (but still looked very cool!)

Donna told us “As a baby shower idea i think its amazing, but also think for a kids birthday party, markets, school groups it would be a winner. “

“We also had a ton of dye left over. Two boxes was perfect to get some different colours and ensure we didn’t run out. We went through 30 baby items.

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