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Mother’s Day is nearly here! My name is Summer and I am 6. I’m here to share with you some fun and creative crafts using these 2023 Mother’s Day Craft Ideas. Why not make something to show your mum how much you appreciate her this Mothers Day! I love crafting and know that my Mum does too, so I’m really excited to make something special for her. I’ve got a few ideas that I think she’ll love. I’m sure she’ll appreciate the effort that I put into it.

First up, I’m making a wooden bead threading necklace for her. I’m using a variety of different coloured wooden beads and threading them onto a thin string of elastic. It’s a simple craft, but it looks really pretty and it’s the perfect way to show mum how much I care. I have used these beads and coloured the with Colour slicks Paint Sticks which are great as I don’t like getting my hands too messy with paint, these are paint but it doesn’t go everywhere !

Metallic Slicks paint sticks used to colour beads

Next, I’m making some Shrinkie Dink Shrink Art key tags for her. I found some plain Shrink Art Shrinkie Dink sheets online at Kidsplay Crafts , they were quick to send them out too ! You can use either coloured markers or pencils to to draw some fun designs on them. Once I’m finished, I’ll cut them out, heat them up in the oven and watch them shrink down to the perfect size for a key tag. I bought some split rings that I will use to thread onto so Mum can use them on her keys straight away !

Easy Mothers Day Craft - Shrink Art Love Heart.
Easy Mothers Day Craft – Shrink Art Love Heart.

To go along with the key tags, I’m making a card with brown corrugated cardboard and coloured cardboard and collage materials art and craft. I’m cutting out some shapes from different coloured papers, glitter, and other materials. When I’m done, I’ll put it all together to make an awesome card for mum.

Corrugated Natural Card pack of 20
Natural cardboard corrugated

Finally, I’m making some Perler bead Earrings for her. I’m using a few different colours of perler beads and then ironing them together. I am forming flowers, unicorns and dragonflies as I know she loves these ! It’s a really simple craft, but it’s sure to be a hit with mum. Check out this Perler Projects page as it is full of patterns to use and even includes the colours you need and how many. You can even download it all ! Simples !!

I hope you likes my 2023 Mother’s Day Craft Ideas. Have some fun making these for your Mums this Mothers Day! I’m sure they’ll love whatever you make, and it’ll be a great way to show them how much you care.

Perler Bead Earrings