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Stretch Beading Cord


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Clear Stretch Beading Cord, 5 metres,  0. 7mm diameter cord

Introducing an exceptional crafting essential: our versatile Stretch Beading Cord . Ideal for all your beading and jewellery making needs. This clear cord not only showcases remarkable strength but also exhibits a unique elastic property. Imagine effortless wear and removal of your stunning jewellery creations, thanks to its ability to stretch like a rubber band.

No more unraveling worries, as the non-fraying ends of our cord expedite bead stringing with a double slip knot join. Crafted with softness in mind, this elastic bead cord is the ultimate choice for creating stretch bracelets, power bracelets, hair bands, and yes, even those trendy Taylor Swift friendship bracelets.

Embracing its inherent elasticity, designs crafted with this cord confidently drape elegantly and maintain their impeccable stretch.

How to make a beaded bracelet with stretch cord

  1. Remember to always optimize its performance by gently pre-stretching before each impressive use.
  2. When threading it is also a good idea to pop a bulldog clip on one end so you will not lose your design as you make it. It really is worth the effort as many a time we have dropped our bracelets!
  3. Once the above two steps have been completed simply thread your favourite beads on
  4. Make sure you secure the bracelet securely with a good knot. An adult may need to help with this.
  5. Step into the limitless world of creativity with our unbeatable Stretch Beading Cord .