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Taylor Swift Friendship Bracelet Kit


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Taylor Swift Friendship Bracelet Kit contains beads in purple, white, light purple, medium purple, pink, black and white Alphabet Beads,  Coloured Alphabet Beads, Stretchy Bead Cord, 50 pieces of Gold beads in various shapes, and Scissors

Introducing the ultimate Taylor Swift Friendship Bracelet Kit for all the ‘Swifties’ out there! Create your own Taylor Swift inspired Bracelets with ease. Includes 1000 beads ! Flat beads in white, pink and three shades of purple, alphabet beads for personalised touches, stretch beading cord, and handy scissors.  Taylor Swift bracelets can be worn, traded and even gifted to your best friends. Get crafty today!

JTaylor Swift Friendship Bracelet Kit Contains :

170 Beads Dark Purple, 170 Bead White, 170 Beads Light Purple, 170 Beads Medium Purple, 170 Beads Pink, 50 Black and White Alphabet Beads, 50 Coloured Alphabet Beads, 80cm Stretchy Bead Cord, 50 pieces of Gold in various shapes including heart, star, circle, flower and butterfly and Scissors. Please note that the amounts of beads may vary and the mix of Alphabet beads is not consistant.

If you are running low in Alphabet Beads we have packs of 500. There will not be enough alphabet beads in this kit to make all your favourite Swifty friendship bracelets, so best to buy a few packs of the Alphabet Beads. Here is a link to read more about Taylor Swift Bracelets !


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