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Flat Beads


Pack of 1000 mixed flat beads, 6mm in width. Team up with Alphabet Beads to make fun Taylor Swift inspired bracelets to swap with your friends.

Introducing our remarkable collection of 1000 flat beads, available in a large array of vibrant colours. These plastic beads are designed to unleash your imagination and creativity. Allowing you to craft exquisite bracelets and necklaces that are truly one-of-a-kind with these flat beads.

Made with utmost care, these beads are not only visually appealing but also boast a delightful lightweight texture, ensuring utmost comfort when worn.

Unleash your inner artist and surprise your loved ones with stunning jewellery pieces that are sure to steal their hearts. You might want to create dazzling bracelets for your family. If not whip up some necklaces for your friends, these flat beads are bound to impress.

Designed to foster creativity and enhance parent-child relationships, our flat beads are an essential component in DIY crafts. By engaging in hands-on activities children can develop their motor skills. Also enhance their concentration and focus by building friendship bracelets just like Taylor Swift wears has never been easier! Team up with Alphabet Beads and Wooden Beads.

Furthermore, these flat plastic beads make a perfect gift choice for various occasions. Be it birthdays, Christmas, or Thanksgiving, the joy and excitement these beads bring are unparalleled. With endless possibilities and boundless creativity, our bead collection offers a unique opportunity to express your love and affection through personalized jewellery creations.

So, dive into the world of crafting and witness the magic unfold as you transform these simple beads into timeless treasures.