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Heart Beads


Pack of 500 mixed Heart Beads

Introducing our exquisite collection of Heart Beads, designed to unleash your creativity and add a touch of love and charm to your creations! Crafted with  quality acrylic these beads are lightweight. As well as sturdy and durable, ensuring that your jewellery withstands the test of time.

Dive into a world of vibrant colours! Our Heart Beads come in a mesmerizing range of mixed colours. This allows you to create jewellery pieces that perfectly match your personal style. Whether you prefer a romantic combination of pink and red or a more playful mix of blues and greens, these beads offer endless possibilities for customisation.

Unleash your inner artist and let your imagination soar! Our versatile Heart Beads are perfect for DIY enthusiasts looking to create their own special and unique jewellery. Make delicate earrings that gracefully sway with every step. Or maybe eye-catching pendants that steal the spotlight, these beads allow you to effortlessly express your individuality.

Are you a fan of Taylor Swift and her iconic friendship bracelets? Look no further! Our Heart Beads are not only perfect for crafting stunning jewellery for yourself but also ideal for creating Taylor Swift inspired friendship bracelets. Craft personalised accessories for your closest companions and celebrate your bond by incorporating our heart-shaped beads into your designs. Team up with Alphabet Beads and a Bead Pack with everything you need.

Pack of 500 mixed beads.