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Craft Feathers: Blue, Purple, Green


Craft Feathers in Blue, Purple, Green. 10g Bag and assorted sizes. Ideal for Father’s Day as well as all year round for craft tables and outdoor learning areas.

.Craft Feathers in Blue, Purple and Green are vibrant and perfect for Craft Projects!

Add a splash of colour to your craft projects with our pack of stunning blue, green, and purple feathers. Each feather measures around 10-15 cm long, offering the perfect size for various creative activities.

With approximately 70 feathers per bag, you’ll have plenty to fuel your imagination and bring your ideas to life. Use these incredibly versatile and easy-to-use feathers for gluing, taping, cutting, or poking into air dry clay and dough. Our feathers will fit seamlessly into any project.

Their bright colors and soft textures make them ideal for both children and adults.

Ideal Craft Feathers for Childcare and Kindergartens:

Our coloured feathers are perfect for use in Childcare Centres and Kindergartens. They can be incorporated into numerous activities, especially during special days like Father’s Day and when studying cool colors in art.

Here are some fun and educational ways to use them

  • Father’s Day Cards: Children can create beautiful, personalised cards for their Dad’s by decorating them with these vibrant feathers. It adds a special touch that dads will cherish.
  • Cool Colour Crafts: Use these feathers to teach children about cool colors (blue, green, and purple) and their calming effects. Integrate them into art lessons for color theory studies.
  • Costume Making: Create fun and colorful costumes for plays or dress-up days. These feathers can be used to make headbands, masks, or wings for imaginative play.
  • Art Projects: Integrate feathers into various art activities, allowing children to explore different textures and colors. Feathers can be used to create collages, paintings, and even 3D art pieces.\
  • Sensory Play: Incorporate feathers into sensory bins to provide a tactile experience for children. They can explore the soft and smooth textures of the feathers, which can be calming and enjoyable.

Key Features:

  • Gorgeous blue, green, and purple colours
  • Approximately 10-15 cm long
  • Easy to use: Use with PVA glue, tape, cut, or poke into clay and dough
  • Approximately 70 feathers per bag

These vibrant feathers are not only great for creative projects but also serve as excellent tools for enhancing learning and development in young children. Add them to your craft supplies today and watch as they inspire endless creativity and joy!