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Bright Buttons Assorted 500g


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Giant Buttons Assorted 500g in assorted sizes

Introducing our eye-catching collection of Bright Buttons! These large, boldly coloured buttons are perfect for unleashing your creativity. With a variety of shapes and sizes, they are an ideal addition to any collage or fabric decoration project.

But why limit yourself to traditional uses? Think outside the box and explore new possibilities! These buttons can be transformed into stunning brooches by using them as the base and adding your own personal touch. Instead of merely using them to decorate other objects, why not make them the stars of the show?

Why not experiment with button canvases or create your own unique button jewellery? The possibilities are endless!

The dimensions of these buttons vary, ranging from 18mm to 25mm, ensuring that you have a delightful assortment at your disposal. With a quantity of approximately 550 buttons, you will have an ample supply to fuel your creative endeavours.

Team up with Paper Form it which is like a string but has wire in the middle so can be used for threading for little hands. Here is some fun ideas to make with buttons.

Embark on a journey of artistic expression with our Bright Buttons. Let your imagination run wild and watch as these vibrant pieces infuse new life into your projects. Order your set today and take your crafting to new heights!

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