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Nature Sequins


Nature Sequins come in a 55 gram jar. Include the shapes on butterflies, snowflakes and leaves in the colours of pink, green, blue, silver, red and gold.

Introducing our Nature Sequin Mix! This 55-gram jar overflows with sequins that range from 6 to 8 mm in length.

The assortment includes vibrant colours such as pink, silver, gold, red, green, blue and white. Delight in the playful shapes of butterflies, leaves, and snowflakes. These sequins add a splash of nature inspired beauty to any project.

Children in childcare will love these enchanting sequins. Teachers in schools can use them to elevate art and science projects. Afterschool care programs benefit from their endless creative possibilities. Vacation Care Centres will find them perfect for various crafts. At home, these sequins guarantee hours of artistic fun.

Here are five ideas for using our Nature Sequin Mix:

  1. Nature Collages: Create stunning collages by gluing sequins onto paper, depicting scenes from nature.
  2. Seasonal Decorations: Design decorations corresponding to each season, like snowflake ornaments for winter.
  3. Educational Charts: Enhance educational charts with sequins to make learning about nature engaging.
  4. Canvas Art: Create beautiful canvas paintings by adding sequins for extra texture and sparkle.
  5. Costume Embellishments: Decorate costumes for school plays or parties with these delightful shapes and colours.

Spark creativity with this mix all year round. Ideal for any setting, these sequins transform ordinary projects into extraordinary works of art. Unleash the beauty of nature with every creation.