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Natural Wooden Beads 16mm


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Natural Wooden Beads,  Size 16mm,  Pack of 100. A Must have for childcare and preschoolers for using fine motor skills and concentration.

Introducing our Natural Wooden Beads, perfect for threading activities and creative projects in preschools, kindergartens, OOSH programs, and schools.

Crafted from solid wood and finished with a beautiful clear gloss, these beads are ideal for young children with little fingers, offering a smooth and tactile surface for hands on exploration.

Best Natural Wooden Beads 16mm Crafting Ideas for Threading and Beyond

  • Threading Activities: Enhance fine motor skills and hand eye coordination as children thread these wooden beads. You can use string, yarn, or wire, promoting dexterity and concentration.
  • Jewellery Making: Create unique and personalised pieces by stringing together these wooden beads, fostering creativity and self-expression in children’s designs.
  • Mother’s Day Keyrings: Make heartfelt Mother’s Day gifts by incorporating these wooden beads into keyring crafts. Team up with Shrinky Dinks and give children an opportunity to show appreciation for their loved ones.
  • Everyday Threading: Partner the wooden beads with Spaghetti String for everyday threading activities, offering endless opportunities for open ended play and creative exploration.

With a diameter of 16mm, these Natural Wooden Beads are versatile and suitable for a wide range of crafting projects.

Inspire creativity and fine motor development with our Natural Wooden Beads, the perfect addition to any crafting or educational setting!