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Kidsplay Crafts are proud to announce the release of our new whale activity book for kids.  Inspired by the humpbacks that pass nearby our home here in Cabarita Beach every year, this activity book is dedicated entirely to the whales and dolphins of Australia’s oceans.

“Whale of an Activity Book” is 18 pages of puzzles, “dad” jokes (some really bad ones) and a few interesting facts about whales.  It’s designed by us in conjunction with a very talented Northern NSW based artist who shares our love and passion for the beach.  This book is the perfect promotional activity pack for your pub, club, cafe or restaurant.

Our books:

  • are locally designed by northern NSW artsists
  • have funky and contemporary cartoon graphics that the kids will love
  • include really bad jokes!
  • include some fun educational facts!  (did you know an baby humpback can drink up to 600 litres of milk per day!!)
  • come with pencils instead of crayons to minimise the mess

Each pack includes a set of 6 half sized colour pencils.  100 kids activity packs are only $99.00 including GST plus a small delivery charge.

We have a range of Kids Activity Books and Kids colouring books all designed by us and printed here on The Gold Coast.

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