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Kidsplay Crafts proudly presents our new Whale Activity Book for kids. This captivating book takes inspiration from the humpbacks that migrate past our home on the NSW Far North Coast every year. The Activity Book is a heartfelt tribute to the whales and dolphins inhabiting Australia’s oceans.

The “Whale of an Activity Book” features 18 pages of puzzles, “dad” jokes (including some truly terrible ones), and a collection of intriguing facts about whales. We meticulously crafted this book in collaboration with a highly skilled artist based in Northern NSW. This legend shares our deep affinity for the beach. This engaging book is an ideal promotional activity pack for your pub, club, cafe, or restaurant.

Our books:

  • Are locally designed by artists from northern NSW
  • Boast funky and contemporary cartoon graphics that will captivate the children
  • Offer an array of hilariously bad jokes
  • Provide entertaining and educational facts (fun fact: a baby humpback whale can consume up to 600 litres of milk per day!!)
  • Included is a set of 6 half-sized colour pencils instead of crayons to minimise any mess

In every Kids Whale Activity Book box, you will find 200 kids activity packs, all priced at just $199.00, inclusive of GST and a nominal delivery fee. Furthermore, we provide an assortment of Kids Activity Books and Kids colouring books. These engaging materials are all expertly designed by us and printed locally here on The Gold Coast.

For a complimentary sample, don’t hesitate to contact Sonia directly at 0401 937 647.

Delight in the creativity and joy that these activity books bring to children!