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what are perler beads ?

What are Perler Beads?  How do you do Perler beads?  Perler Beads are small, heat activated beads that you can lay out on pegboards to create interesting and amazing pixel style art!  Here’s our easy 8 step instructions on how to complete a Perler Bead design!

Select a Perler design

Select a design

Get organised!  Select a design! A simple web search will uncover many ideas or pick up an official Perler pattern pad.  Select your bead colours and get ready to go!  Find a clean, quiet desk or table to work in.

How to do Perler Beads - Organise your beads

Organise your beads

Organise your Perler beads

Get your beads separated into bowls or containers.  You may even have a box with multiple compartments to keep your colours organised.  Ideally keep each colour well away from each other so you don’t mix them up.

3. Plan your Perler Bead design

Plan your Perler Bead design

Plan your design

Plan your design, working out what edge to start from and count across to make sure you have enough width and height to fit on the pegboard.  We number each column up and across to make it a little easier.

How to do Perler Beads - lay out the design

Step 4 : Do the outline first

outline first

We generally think starting with the outline and working your way in is the easiest way to start your Perler project.  Try counting from each side and cross reference both ways.  Double checking will make sure you pick up a mistake early.

5. Complete the Perler bead pattern

5. Complete the Perler bead pattern!

 Complete your Perler bead design

Using your fingers is usually tough work so use bead tweezers (or even a bead pen) to make the job easier.  In the photo above we’ve actually used ‘finer’ sized mini bead tweezers.

6. Check the final Perler design against the pattern

Check the final Perler design against the pattern

In our our Darth Vader design above it was important to make sure the design was evenly matched on both sides and that the grey and white beads were placed correctly.   There’s nothing worse than realising after you’ve ironed your artwork that you’ve done something wrong!

 7. Iron your Perler design using Perler ironing paper.

7. Iron your Perler design using Perler ironing paper.

Iron your Perler design

Pre-heat your iron to medium and make sure to switch off the steam function.  Leaving your beads on the pegboard, cover with Perler ironing paper and iron evenly for 15-20 seconds and then check the melting progress.  Some people like melt the beads completely, sealing all holes, whilst some like the effect of beads that are not ironed hard.  All irons are different, so simply test as you go.  Parchment paper or baking paper can be used in replacement of the genuine Perler paper in case you run out.  After ironing one side, flip it over and repeat on the other.  Place a book or similar flat heavy object over the top to help flatten the project and avoid warping your pegboard.

8. You're finished!

8. You’re finished!

 You’re finished

That wasn’t hard was it?  Your completed artwork is ready to place on the wall or hang from somewhere special!