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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the idea of diving into the world of Perler Beads crafting? Fear not, as we’ve got you covered with a beginner-friendly guide to Perler Beads for beginners

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through five straight forward tips to equip you with the essential knowledge and tools needed to kickstart your Perler Beads journey.

To begin with, investing in Perler Activity Kits can provide you with a convenient assortment of beads, patterns, and tools to start your creative endeavours.

Don’t forget to add Tweezers to your crafting arsenal to aid in precise bead placement and handling.

With a collection of 22,000 Perler Beads our bulk Perler Bead Tub is at your disposal, the possibilities for creating vibrant designs are endless.

Additionally, a Pattern Pad Ideas Book can serve as a helpful resource for inspiration, offering a range of design templates and project ideas to spark your creativity. To bring your designs to life, Pegboards are essential for creating and assembling your Perler Beads patterns with ease.

By implementing these fundamental tips and acquiring the necessary supplies, you’ll be well-equipped to embark on your Perler Beads crafting adventure with confidence and excitement. Let’s get ready to unleash your creativity and explore the endless possibilities that Perler Beads have to offer!

Perler Activity Kits

Our Perler Activity Kits are the best way to try out Perler beads for the first time. They come with everything you need – beads, pegboards, instructions and ironing paper. The only thing you’ll need is an iron! Our Mermaid Activity packs and Ocean Activity packs are very popular starter packs and gifts.

22000 perler bead Jar

Our 22,000 Bead jar is the cheapest way to buy beads! Now including up to 30 colours, this range will be more than enough to create simple designs or large beautiful detailed projects. It is an ideal starter pack for Perler Beads for beginners


Kidsplay Crafts have a wide range of pegboards to get you going. The standard square clear pegboard is our most popular product. Our Pegboard Value Pack will get you going with shapes like a monkey, octopus and even a t-shirt.

pattern pad ideas book

Kidsplay Crafts sells a range of pattern pads to inspire and guide you on your projects. You can also find many free designs on the internet or convert a picture into a pixelated design using one of a number of popular apps. If you are looking for free patterns there are loads on the Perler website.


Perler tweezers will make the beading process much easier. With three official perler tweezers to choose from to suit different size beads. Mini Tweezers are designed to suit small 2.5mm bead size. Tweezers will help you pick up and place beads onto your pegboard making it so much easier. For something different try the Perler Bead Pen, takes some practise ! But feedback is that it is worth it for outlines.