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How to Run a Kids Plaster Painting Party in 12 Easy Steps is something we are asked alot!.

By incorporating the following tips, you can ensure a fun experience during a kids plaster painting party or plaster painting session at your childcare center, daycare, kids club, fete, or birthday party:

Plaster Paint party

  1. Start by using butchers’ paper or newspaper to cover tables. Alternatively, opt for a cheap tablecloth or a good-quality heavy tablecloth that can be easily wiped clean. A heavy-duty plastic tablecloth can be a long-lasting option for many years of use.
  2. Display the plaster pieces on a spare table for the children to choose from, making the selection process more exciting.
  3. Load yourself up with Paper Plates – utilise these for the kids to paint on and to transport their wet artwork home safely.
  4. Place small amounts of paint on paper plates for the kids to paint with. Additionally, provide extra paper plates for the kids to mix their own colours, fostering creativity.
  5. Prepare cups filled halfway with water for everyone to wash their paintbrush when changing colours. Remember half-filled cups are less likely to spill compared to full ones.
  6. Ensure you have a mix of thin and thick brushes available for different finishes and accommodating different sized hands.
  7. Consider wearing old clothes, painting smocks, or disposable aprons to protect clothing during the creative process.
  8. Demonstrate to the children the technique of painting thin lines by showing them how to squeeze a thin brush even thinner with their fingers. Then, encourage them to dip a small amount of paint onto it after practicing on a scrap of paper.
  9. Encourage the children to mix their own colours as a valuable learning exercise in colour theory.
  10. Advise the children to place their painted pieces in the sun for quicker drying.
  11. Keep a bucket half-filled with water and a cloth handy for the kids to clean themselves up and wash their hands, facilitating a tidy cleanup process.
  12. Opt for the non-toxic and easy-to-clean EC Colours Acrylic Paints for plaster painting, available in our online shop. These paints are not only safe but also easy to wash out of kids’ clothes, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

In conclusion, these comprehensive tips provide you with everything you need to know for a successful Plaster Painting Party!

Should you need further guidance for your plaster painting session, feel free to contact Sonia directly at 0401 937 647 for expert advice and affordable plaster painting supplies!