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A plaster painting birthday party

How to Run a Kids Plaster Painting Party in 12 Easy Steps

Using the following tips will guarantee a fun kids plaster painting party or plaster painting session for your childcare centre, daycare, kids club, fete or birthday party:

1. Use butchers’ paper or newspaper to cover tables.  Alternatively a cheap table cloth or a good quality heavy table cloth that can be wiped clean. A heavy duty plastic table cloth can be used for many years.

2. Display the plaster pieces on a spare table for the children to choose from.

3. Load yourself up with Paper Plates – use these for the kids to paint on, and to take their wet artwork home.

4. Place small amounts of paint on paper plates for the kids to paint with. Place extra paper plates for the kids to mix their own colours.

5. Fill cups with water to half way for everyone to wash their paint brush when changing colours.  Half filled cups won’t spill like a full cup!

6. Have a mix of thin and thick brushes for different finishes and different sized hands.

7. Consider wearing old clothes, painting smocks or disposable aprons.

8. Show the children how to paint thin lines – squeezing a thin brush even thinner with your fingers then dip a small amount of paint on it. Practice on a scrap of paper before applying to your plaster piece.

9. Have the children mix their own colours! Learning how to mix colours is a great learning exercise for young kids.

10. Once painted, encourage the children to place their pieces in the sun so they dry quicker.

11. Have a bucket half filled with water and a cloth handy. This is great for the kids to clean themselves up and wash their hands. Also great for cleaning up!

12. Make sure you use EC Colours range of Acrylic Paints.  Being non-toxic and easy to clean, they are perfect for plaster painting and are available in our online shop.  They also usually wash out of kids clothes!

And there you go – everything you need to know for your plaster painting party!  If you’re running your own plaster painting session call Sonia direct on 0401 937 647 for easy advice and affordable plaster painting supplies!

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