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We know that accidents can happen in the classroom and teaching aides like whiteboard markers can quickly wind up on your child’s clothes. If you’re wondering how to remove whiteboard marker from your child’s clothes, fear not! There are some simple, child-friendly solutions that can help to get those frustrating stains out of your kids’ clothing.

In Australia, Educational Colours’ Whiteboard Markers are a popular choice among teachers and parents, and to ensure your child’s clothes stay stain-free after an accident, there are some easy steps you can take to remove the marker!

How To Remove Whiteboard Marker from Your Child’s Clothes

First, rinse the stain under cold water. This can help to loosen the stain and stop the inkset from spreading even further.

Secondly, apply some laundry powder detergent directly onto the stain if it’s a heavy mark. This should help to raise it from the fabric and break the bonds of the ink’s pigment.

Next, using a soft-bristled brush, scrub the area in a circular motion to help remove the stain. This should help to break up the pigment and help the detergent works.

Finally, wash the item as recommended on the label.

This should complete the removal process and should take care of most of the marker residue.

Educational Colours Whiteboard Markers are non-toxic and designed specially to be quick to dry and erase, ensuring any accidental marks don’t linger! Not to mention, they come in all various colours and can be purchased from Kidsplay Crafts – a trusted firm for child friendly products in Australia.

To encourage children we suggest using a Whiteboard at all times.

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