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Australia recently celebrated Naidoc Week for Our Elders 2023 nationwide Prep classes at Somerset College on The Gold Coast embarked on a special activity to honour our Elders. The theme for the week was “For Our Elders”. This is a tribute to the wisdom and strength they bring to our lives.

They invited an Aboriginal Elder to speak to the classes as a consultant. This provided an opportunity for students to learn about the importance of our Elders in our community and the valuable knowledge they possess. Discussions revolved around the significance of speaking and listening to our Elders.

Naidoc Week 2023 Oil Pastel Artwork

As part of the activity, the students created a Wax Resist Artwork. At this point the classes used Oil Pastels to then practice their designs on absorbent paper. After finalising their artwork, they replicated it on a waterproof fabric. Then, they used paintbrushes to apply watercolor paints and complete the vibrant and meaningful pieces.

This art form is a powerful way to express our gratitude and respect for our Elders. The wax resist technique symbolises the resilience and strength shown in facing the challenges and struggles throughout their lives. Just as wax resists water, our Elders have resisted adversity, emerging stronger and wiser.

The artwork serves as a reminder that we draw strength from the knowledge and experience of our Elders. The Elders have influenced multiple sectors in our society. These including health, education, the arts, and politics. Their advocacy and activism have paved the way for the equality we continue to fight for today.

FOr our elders

It is through their teachings that we can make informed decisions for our people. Their wisdom in land management, cultural knowledge, and justice and human rights is invaluable. Our Elders have set the course for us to follow, and their struggles have propelled us forward.

We pay our respects to the Elders we’ve lost and to those who continue fighting for us across all our Nations and we pay homage to them.

In conclusion, Naidoc Week 2023 provided an opportunity for our friends at Somerset Collage on The Gold Coast to engage in a meaningful activity honouring our Elders. Through Wax Resist Artwork, the students showcased their gratitude and respect for the knowledge and wisdom passed down by our Elders. Children will continue to learn from our elders and ensure that their voices are heard in all future decision-making processes.

For more information and addition resources please refer to Naidoc Org.

Naidoc For Our Elders Artwork