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Learning how to layer coloured pencils is a great way to add depth and interest to your artwork. Layering allows you to blend multiple hues together for a unique and beautiful effect. Even children can learn how to layer colours with coloured pencils, which makes coloured pencil layering an excellent way to help children express themselves artistically.

When it comes to choosing coloured pencils, it is important to ensure that the products you use are child friendly and of good quality. Crayola, Educational Colours and Basics by Zart, all supplied by Kidsplay Crafts, are trusted child-friendly brands and make a great option for your budding artist. Coloured pencils should have strong, thick cores for easy layering, and each coloured pencil should contain enough pigment to make a bold mark on the page.

How to layer coloured pencils

Once you have the materials for layering colours, it’s time to create a masterpiece. Lighter colours should be applied first, followed by medium tones and finally the darker shades that will give your layers their depth and dimension. Applying light strokes will also help ensure a smooth and even finish. Blending the layers together using a piece of paper or a wax blending pencil will ensure they look rich, vibrant and professional.

Bird of Paradise drawing using Layering pencils

how to choose colours for pencil layering

When learning how to layer coloured pencils, the first step is to choose your colours. It’s important to choose colours that can work together in harmony. Expanding your colour palette can create surprising effects, so don’t be limited to just the basic colours. Experiment with different combinations to create interesting effects. The next step involves learning how to layer the multiple hues. Start by layering the lightest colour first and then work towards the darkest colour. This process allows the lightest colour to act as a base and the other layers to build depth and richness.

Layering coloured pencils is a great way to incorporate depth, texture and dimension into your work. So, why not give it a go and see what unique and beautiful artwork you can make? With the right materials and your creativity, the possibilities are endless.

Here is a fun example of layering pencils for older high school children with Bird of Paradise.