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Are you looking to host a creative and fun-filled birthday party for your little one? Kids Birthday Party Ideas in this blog post, we’ll explore the Top 6 Kids’ Birthday Party Craft Ideas that are sure to keep the young guests entertained and engaged. From Plaster Painting and Sand Art to Shrinky Dinks and Paper Mache Photo Frame Collage, we’ve got you covered with a diverse range of exciting activities. Additionally, we’ll delve into the fun of creating Scratch Bookmarks and Tie-dye Shirts, making your child’s birthday celebration a memorable and artistic experience!

Plaster Painting

Decorating plaster shapes is a unique and enjoyable activity for children of all ages. Plaster pieces are low-cost, easy to paint and children get to explore their creative sides as they paint – as well as keeping their little piece of art at the end. Win-win! Order Paint and Aprons and you will have everything covered for a fun creative party !

A plaster painting birthday party

sand art

Parents and carers love our sand art party packs and our range to choose from. Everything you need is included and the kids get to take home their own unique piece of art.

To create a sand art “masterpiece” you start with a specially designed laser-cut card and the coloured sand. Simply remove the cover paper on the laser-cut card to expose the sticky section. Little sand artists cover the sticky bits with coloured sand of their choice – using the spoons and sticks provided. Ta-dah – an amazing sand art creation!

Kidsplay Crafts Sand Art Fun

kids birthday party ideas: shrinky dinks

Did you shrink chip packets in the oven as a kid ? If you remember doing this back then you need to grab a pack of our Shrinky Dinks Shrink Art. Shrink Art or ‘shrinkies’ as they are also known, is a fantastic arty activity for kids.  They get to draw their own unique picture on a special shrink art plastic sheet and watch it magically shrink in size in the oven!  The finished product is a compact piece of art. How cool is that!  Shrinkies can be used to make a variety of fun shapes and drawings including book marks, key rings and bike name plates. Simply free hand draw or have the children trace over shapes or characters.

Shrink Art Shrinkies Kids Art
Shrink Art

Paper Mache Photo Frame Collage

All kids love decorating and using collage shapes with paint and glue. Fine motor skills are used to place sequins and paper shapes onto the frames. Why not make some natural collage decorations with leaves, sticks, and shells from the beach !

Paper Mache Photo Frame Decorating

Tie Dye T-shirts is a fun Kids birthday party ideas

Tie Dye T-shirts are fun to create and the kids can design their own patterns to create a fun t-shirt they can wear and remember your awesome party ! Grab plain white t-shirts from your favourite shopping centre for each child to use with our kits. Each of our kits is enough for 5 adult t-shirts. Why not dye socks, aprons and tea towels and make some fun presents.

Make your own Tie Dye Shirt
Make your own Tie Dye Shirt

Scratch Art Book Marks and Door Hangers

Kids birthday party ideas include Scratch Art is for those of us that like a little bit less mess but not too much mess. The kids can create a fun bookmark for their daily reading as well as their very own door hanger for their bedroom.

Scratch Door Hanger colourful
Scratch Door Hanger
Scratch Bookmark Example 'Reading Rocks'
Scratch Bookmark Example

Still needing some further Kids Birthday Party Ideas? Our friends at Better Homes and Gardens have some free fun templates. Check them out today.