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Perler Bead Storage Ideas is a hot topic. If you have you just started beading and wondering how you should store all of your beads we have your covered.

Check out Chells thoughts and tips and her bead storage ideas and solutions.

I once bought a jar of 22,000 mixed beads. It is very time consuming to sort and I am very time poor. Some find it relaxing (and cheaper ) when they sort for hours at a time, but not me ! For me personally I avoid mixed bags and mixed jars and buy individual bags of colours.

Set up a system that works for you. This could be Zip lock sandwich bags, Take away food containers or clean empty jam jars. You can invest in a storage unit online from Amazon or Ebay.

Once you have decided on your storage solution put the beads in and make sure you label correctly for future reference.

Beads trays work well for smaller amounts of colours.

Organising might take longer than you thought but it is well worth it. The end result is very satisfying. It always put a smile on my face everytime I stare at my bead collection after a long hard day aaaahhhhh

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We love recycling at Kidsplay Crafts. We were really stoked to find this fantastic use to all of the drink bottles we tend to throw out into our recycling bins every week. This is using water bottles but you could also use larger bottles for 6000 packs of beads.

The above storage solution was provided by Linda. Feel free to follow her on Instagram @lindasusanhansen