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How to Fix Your Kid’s Sand Art When It All Goes Wrong!

This is a quick blog but a handy one on how to fix sand art.

As Sand Art is simply a big sticker some kids get a little overexcited and peel, without us knowing.  For instance, when you have a faceless mermaid it can be rather scary! A quick fix for this would be to simply scratch in some eyes. Then you need to colour them blue, sketch in some eyebrows and colour them brown. Add a nose and a mouth and colour them pink.

Mermaid Sand Art Card

Mermaid Sand Art Card

When kids attempt our Sydney Harbour Sand Art card it is extremely hard. Some kids peel off little bits of the bridge if they are not careful. Kids really do try their hardest however some of these kids end up quite upset as their masterpiece is now a mess! Never fear, don’t get upset. Simply scratch back in the piece you pulled off and give it a colour straight away.

Don’t have an upset kid….. anything can be fixed!

Sydney Harbour Sand Art

Australian designed Sand Art – Sydney Harbour Bridge!

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